Rockwood Housing Commission 


Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the Rockwood Housing Commission Office is closed until further notice.


Maintenance will be on property daily to sanitize touchable points. Door handles, handicap buttons, and handrails etc. 


Recommendation to all residents: 

1. Consider cancelling all social gatherings 

2. No visitors/guests

3. Wash your hands 

4. Keep 6-feet between you and residents 

5. Pick up your packages at the front entrance foyer from UPS, FedEx, and Amazon  


Maintenance will be available for emergency repairs only (734) 379-4244. If any emergency repair is needed during this time, please INFORM maintenance of your health condition so they can take the proper and necessary precautions. 


Administration will return voicemails at the earliest convenience. 


More information to follow as health experts, the CDC, state and local officials provide updates. 



Thank you,